These scholarships are given to high achievers in Maths and Science. For details, please feel free to contact Newton Classes.


Mathematics and Science

Newton Classes Scholarships

Academic scholarships are available for students of Grade 6 to 12 in Mathematics and Science. For details, please contact Newton Classes. Last Date to apply: Mon 30th Nov 2020


Specialist Mathematics (Yr11)

Ria Bomma

Ria has received two High Distinctions in the Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians, a High Distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition 2017 and UNSW Canberra Prize for Best Female Student in Mathematics 2017. She also received a Distinction in the 2018 Mathematics ICAS competition. She topped the Year 11 Mathematics Meshing Test 2019 in her school. Ria is regularly attending Newton Classes for last 2 years and has shown keen interest in solving complex mathematics problems.


Maths - Specialist Methods (Yr 12)

Sharon Ponnampalam

Sharon has achieved high grades in the past year (Year 11 2019), ranking 1st in Specialist Methods, 2nd in Specialist Mathematics (Double Spec) and 2nd in Physics. She is engaged in her studies as she also received a distinction for the ANU Physics course. As well as managing her studies, she also participates in co-curricular, playing basketball and being in the School choir. In 2017, Sharon received an award for being Runner Up to the Best Female Student in Mathematics. For almost three years, Sharon has been regularly attending Newton’s Classes and shown dedication and interest towards her studies.


Advanced Mathematics (Yr10)

Kushal Kotagal

Kushal has received a distinction in the Australian Intermediate Mathematics Olympiad (AIMO) in 2018. He has also completed the Maths Enrichment program at Noether level. Earlier, in 2017, he received a distinction in the Australian Mathematical Competition (AMC). In the last 6 semesters of Maths in high school, he has received A's in all the 6 semesters. Kushal has been attending Newton Classes regularly for last 2 years and shown great motivation in solving challenging Mathematics problems.


Physics (Yr11)

Ashutosh Reddy

Ashu scored 100% marks in Physics in Semester 1 Year 11, 2018 and secured the top rank. He achieved 2nd rank in Specialist Mathematics and Methods and was the overall topper in Mathematics. He has shown his brilliant skills in Physics by receiving a distinction in Physics Olympiad and high distinction in astrophysics. He plays basketball regularly and loves playing guitar. Ashu is attending Newton Classes regularly for last 4 years and shown great interest in Physics by solving complex problems.